“Simply by doing” New York based filmmaker Bradley Bixler on how he makes movies.

Like many up and coming filmmakers, Bradley takes his career by the reins making no stops towards building up his filmography. He’s made several well received short films that have been accepted into international film festivals and TV networks like HBO and Cinemax. The 29 year old chats with us about his career and aspirations thus far.
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-On his background-
“I am an independent filmmaker currently based out of New York. I was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in Miami, Florida. Upon graduating high school, I began studying theater and visual arts, where I was equipped with the knowledge and experience that prepared me to apply to film school. The last couple of years, I’ve been attending graduate film school in New York City, where I’ve written and directed numerous films and documentaries.”
Bradley’s 2014 short film Quedate was acquired by HBO, exhibited on several of its networks including HBO Latino, HBO Go and HBO NOW. Soon after, it reached Cinemax’s radar.  It tells the story of an escaped Central American mother and her son illegally seeking refuge in the United States.
Quedate Film Poster #1
“What or who has inspired you?”
“I am inspired by the works of my favorite filmmakers. Their films show me what this medium and art form is a capable of. In addition, I am constantly inspired by the every day events that occur around me – the people and things I witness on a daily basis that are, far too often, neglected or dismissed as “mundane”, but can, in fact, be the inspiration for a great story or character. “
 Neon lights(2017) 
 Neon Lights Poster (Slamdance)
“How did you begin making films?”
“Simply by doing.  In this case, specifically writing a script, casting it and picking up a camera to shoot it. You learn by doing and I will admit that it took me several projects to finally have an idea of what it was I was trying to do. The beauty of filmmaking, in particular, is that there is no right or wrong way. You find what works for you and stick with that.”
A Trip to Avalon (2015)
Version 2
-No matter the scale of the production, preparation is a crucial factor and something Bradley leans heavily on.-
“I find that techniques and practices will vary from project to project, but I do find it helpful to prepare as much as possible before shooting, particularly with actors and technicians. I think it’s important to always have an open dialogue with your closest collaborators. It certainly pays off for me once I’m on set working in “real world” conditions. That little bit of preparation can really help you, your crew and your talent focus on what’s important when you’re finally shooting.”
“What are you up to now and how do you plan to move forward?”
 “At the moment, I am writing and developing my first feature-length film titled Hotel Paraíso. I’ve been working on the script for the past two years and hope to begin raising the financing for it later this year. “
Check out Bradley’s IMDB page for more of his work.  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5748866/
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