Grace and Elegance: Enter the art of Salisha Stanley.

The unassuming and quiet presence of Salisha Stanley can grow on you. One can say her work sprouts from this centered persona, but above all it’s the unique nature of her design that speak louder than anything else. Born and raised in the countryside of Trinidad and Tobago’s north coast, Toco, her fascination and talents in the arts didn’t take long to present itself.




When did you begin your art?

“I began drawing very young. I was home schooled for a little while and then when I went to public school my art teacher saw what I could do and began to encourage me. She was like a mother almost. She would inspire me and encourage me to take art seriously, maybe pursue it after I left, and I did. ”



How would you describe your type of work?

“Well my work tends to mostly be women, I guess I appreciate the grace and beauty associated with women. There’s an elegance to it. I’d usually choose a theme a similar to those and then get to work. For me it’s like motivation, I feel to create often and it becomes a part of my daily routine. To me it’s as familiar as breathing.  ”





Bordering between surrealism and more naturalistic styles, Sali’s work is heavily influenced by humanity and femininity.-





– Her work is mixed medium and can very from pen and ink to watercolors and pastels-





What’s your process?

“Well materials are pretty expensive, so when I can’t afford it I usually have people that support me. Family and friends would pay for the art supplies I need, many just out of the appreciation for my work, which I’m grateful for.

As much as commissioned work is important I try not to do too much of it as I like to do my own thing. Commission projects don’t always allow me to express what I’d like to.”





What are your future plans?

“The future seems really bright, and I’m a very optimistic person. I’d like to begin working on larger pieces, I’ve done enough smaller ones. I’d also like to venture more into doing music, which is also one of my passions. I’d love to write music for film, composing for the orchestra. It’s something I’d enjoy a  lot. ”



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2 thoughts on “Grace and Elegance: Enter the art of Salisha Stanley.

  1. Her outlook and perspective are quite remarkable! I’ve seen her Facebook page and the collection there is bold and communicative….I am particularly impressed with “Writings on skin” The work speaks for itself.
    I understand that a more complete collection is on Instagram.
    Very impressed

    Liked by 1 person

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